As our premiere plans, our Partner Plan includes everything below. Partner Plans make Out of the Box IT your virtual CIO. We will meet with you regularly to help plan your technology needs and aide in your organization's growth, and we'll support your existing deployments. With a predictable monthly fee, you don't have to worry about reaching out for support, and, even better, we'll proactively support your technology through our monitoring client, management software, and regular audits.

Please read the descriptions below for some of what we offer as a part of our Partner Plans. Our monitoring client and management software are also available separately for a monthly fee. Please contact us for a quote.

Out of the Box IT can assist in every stage of your technology's lifecycle. From planning, to purchase, to migration to new hardware, we'll help you at every stage.



Getting the right technology is essential to a successful deployment. We can evaluate your current network, discuss your technological pain points, and help plan your network and purchases for optimal performance and productivity.


So, now you have that new gear... Now what? We can assist in properly setting up and deploying your equipment to tailor the user experience to your needs. Proper documentation and training also help to ensure a successful rollout.


Things break...  Even Apple devices... We won't leave you high and dry. We offer both remote and onsite support as needed.  As well as Mac monitoring and maintenance packages to keep your Macs running smoothly.

Out of the Box IT's Monitoring Client runs silently in the background and checks for issues before they become real problems. It monitors your macOS devices for hardware and software issues including malware, when your backups last ran, issues with server software like Daylite, LightSpeed, or FileMaker. It can catch small issues before they become big problems. This service is available for a small monthly fee per monitored computer.

Out of the Box IT's Management software handles the basic maintenance and troubleshooting of your macOS devices. It patches your system's operating system as well as many third party applications. It can automatically remove malware and run basic maintenance to keep your Macs running smoothly. This service includes the Monitoring Client and is also available for a monthly fee per managed computer or as a part of our Partner Plans.